Where were you when the lights went out?

By Jeff Bowman It happens every so often, that something strikes me as a little odd. Okay, it happens a lot.   The other night, I awoke to nature’s beckoning.  I stumbled to the bathroom and answered the call. It took a minute or two, but as my eyes became accustomed to the … [Read more...]

Survive through Innovation

“Innovation is the key to helping businesses not just survive, but thrive in today’s competitive environment. Innovation may involve new ideas, new markets, products or new ways of thinking about things. The essential thing to remember is that any business can be innovative; it just requires an open … [Read more...]

RIC Centre’s New Chair – John Switzer

Ready to Take RIC to the Next Level of Innovation   By Mary Dytyniak The RIC Centre recently named John Switzer as the new Chair of the Advisory Board. Stepping down from the position is Bill Matthews. Matthews was a key contributor in establishing and setting in motion the … [Read more...]

BUSINESS PLANS: For Entrepreneurs Only?

By Steve Sheils I’m the fellow CEO’s call in when they know their company requires a Health Check. I’ve worked locally and for 20 plus international  companies, raised money for growth, and been on the sale and acquisition side many times. Regardless of whether your company is earning a few … [Read more...]

Check your marketing pulse

By Stephen Rhodes Sometimes we think that doing what we always do will yield better results. Often, doing what we always do yields the same results and if you are not happy with those results you need to change things. Here are five things to think about as you enter a new calendar year. 1. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Sales Considerations for 2011

By Jeff Bowman 2011 will bring many of the same challenges that we experienced in 2010, so we need to highlight our areas of success and plan around them moving forward as a sales organization. It is important to stress that business should not operate in Silos, with marketing having their … [Read more...]