Ideation in Healthcare: Startups vs. Corporate


By Wladimir Hinz, RIC Centre Blog Writer Want to see disruption happening in real time? Take a look at healthcare startups, these are the true rebels at work. These entrepreneurs will certainly re-invent Healthcare. There’s no doubt that startups are filled with disrupting, innovative … [Read more...]

Revolutionize Your Business with PaymentEvolution

Payment Evolution Logo.Default.300.RGB

“No more wasting time writing cheques, stuffing envelopes or mailing payment notices – it’s all electronic and fully reconciled with your accounting system. Your bookkeeper or accountant will thank you,” says Sam Vassa, CEO of PaymentEvolution. Times have changed, and now you can make payments … [Read more...]

Developing a Business Model for Your Startup

developing a business model for your startup

By: Billy Vrbensky, RIC Centre Communications Intern Meet Nick. Nick dreamed of attending a university where he could progress his skills in software development but his parents couldn’t afford it. They worked long hours to make rent every month. His father forced him to go to community … [Read more...]

Mobile App FAQs for Startups

what is a mobile app

By: Amandeep Patti, Professor, Faculty of Applied Science & Technology, School of Applied Computing at Sheridan College What is a mobile application? A mobile application is a program which has been specifically developed for use on mobile devices i.e. on smart phones, tablets etc. What … [Read more...]

Getting creative with Working Improv at #IdeasConverge

"Improv and Innovation", RIC Convergence Conference 2015

WORKING IMPROV™ partnered with RIC to connect and get creative at the RIC Convergence Centre event September 18th. Improvisation is similar to innovation as it is about listening, collaborating and harnessing the power of imagination. The power of improv comes from the learned skill of being able … [Read more...]

Targeting the Right Customer to Optimize Outcomes

Sue Elliott

By Sue Elliott, RIC Volunteer Advisor; Principal, Virtus Insights Inc. You can’t be everything to everyone. Every start up has heard that, and it’s true. As a start-up, you have limited resources – time, people and money. You need to be wise about how you allocate those resources and where. … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality In Healthcare: Where’s The Innovation?

VR in healthcare

By Alex Senson, RIC Centre Business Analyst and Crunch Network Contributor Virtual reality is no longer just about video gaming; it holds promise as nothing short of revolutionary for just about every other industry, as well. Since 2012, there has been an incredible explosion of interest … [Read more...]