Beauty in Simplicity: How Branding is Changing


At its best, simplicity is beautiful. We see it in the new World Trade Center in New York, the smooth face of a premium smartphone or even in the plain red cups at Starbucks. The 21st century loves simplicity, and that's why branding is moving so heavily in that direction — not just in look, but in … [Read more...]

The Self-Driving Car Race

The Self-Driving Car Race

By Musa Waheed, RIC Centre Market Research Intern Business Insider estimates that there will be at least 10 million cars with self-driving capabilities on the road by 2020. As one of the hottest and most futuristic topics in today’s world, self-driving cars are moving quickly from concept to … [Read more...]

Can You Join the 4 Hour Work Week?

Businesswoman using digital tablet in lobby

Guest Post by: Jordan Whelan We are all constantly inundated with “Work from Home” ads on all corners of the Internet. Actors hold fake cheques with promises of the key to the easy life all from the comfort of your PJs. If you are paying attention, these stories are way too good to be true. That … [Read more...]

Strategic Selling with Steve Gruber

Strategic selling with Steve Gruber

Guest Post by Steve Gruber, Founding Partner, Venture Accelerator Partners Originally published on the VA Partners blog Over the last two months I had the pleasure of presenting on B2B Sales Strategy for Startups at two of our local southern Ontario Regional Innovation Centres, Innovate … [Read more...]