RIC in the Media

February 2014 RIC Centre GYB targets high-tech start-ups
January 2014 Get used to new tech terms
December 2013 Emcara providing innovative safety solutions for storage
December 2013 Spunky online game teaches kids math skills
December 2013 Silicon Valley North
November 2013 Paperwork isn’t a pet peeve for vets
October 2013 Mentoring and money helped this start-up
September 2013 RIC hooks up to help
August 2013 RIC Centre Spurs Innovation
August 2013 RIC Centre helps launch couponers’ digital dream
June 2013
Silicon Peel grassroots tech initiative at crossroads
June 2013 Mississauga’s RICC mentors speech recognition start-up Xtreme Interactions
June 2013 RIC Centre contest winner must ‘execute,’ says investor
May 2013 RICC contest finalist XRomb develops secure mobile wallet
May 2013 RICC start-up contest finalist targets veterinary industry
May 2013 RICC entrepreneur contestant develops breast-cancer test
May 2013 RIC Centre announces start-up contest finalists
May 2013 Mississauga entrepreneur develops nail fungus cure
May 2013 BufferBox founder says ‘hype’ best weapon in startup valuation
May 2013 3D printing: wave of the future for small manufacturers?
April 2013 RICC budget ‘status quo’ says director, despite rising need for techfunding
April 2013 Health-care industry in transition, says TELUS Health exec 
April 2013 TechNext looks to build buzz for health-care technology 
April 2013 Microsoft expert says software firms must jump on “cloud”
April 2013 Networks = Net Worth  
April 2013 Astrophysicist to dissect spectrometer industry at RIC Conference
April 2013 Hospital chief Dante Morra to speak at RICC conference
April 2013 Collaboration a key for technology firms: expert
March 2013 Silicon Peel Meetup #2
February 2013 Getting a read on 2013 business prospects
December 2012 Tire Recycling Company wins Peel Startup Competition
December 2012 MBOT names its Best! (pg. 8)
October 2012

RIC Centre Offers a new Start!

September 2012 Angel Investors in Mississauga
August 2012 Developing Canadian Innovation – Idol 5
June 2012 Activated Biochar big winner of Innovator Idol 4  
June 2012 Innovator Idol Winner (CHAR Technology) awarded by Pattie Lovett Reid
April 2012 How businesses can commercialize their “secret sauce”
March 2012 Innovate Forward speaker program addresses advanced manufacturing
March 2012 RIC Centre Launches VentureStart Startup Accelerator Program
March 2012 WEtech Alliance and FedDev Ontario Announce VentureStart Program
March 2012  $5M Released to Help 160 Southern Ontario Tech Startups get to Market
March 2012 $30K in grant funding for small businesses – VentureStart program
March 2012  RIC Centre is excited to be providing the VentureStart program
March 2012 Innovation Guelph offers program to help fund new start-ups
March 2012 Feds invest in start-up companies
March 2012 VentureStart offers business skills training and up to $30,000 seed capital for innovative technology entrepreneurs in Southern Ontario
March 2012 Five MaRS Clients Participate In New VentureStart Program
March 2012 RIC Centre Launches VentureStart Program  
March 2012 FedDev Invests $5 Million for VentureStart Program  
March 2012 Government of Canada Invests $5 Million in Jobs, Growth and Innovation in Southern Ontario  
January 2012 Emerging Clean Tech Leader in Mississauga!
 January 2012  New program supports innovation for manufacturers in Ontario  
 December 2011  UTM driving new educational model
December 2011 RIC Client: PowerWatch
Janeen Stodulski on Smarter Power: How Can Ontario Benefit? (video)
November 2011 Action Plan for Innovation (video)
October 2011 Made in Mississauga (issue 8, p.5)
October 2011 King of Copy (p.1-2)
October 2011 UTM Prof Clarifies Innovation Challenges (p.5)
Sepember 2011 James Sbrolla Stars in Risky Business (Slice TV)
September 2011 RIC Client SmithsonMartin:
In Pictures: The Emulator
September 2011 RIC Client SmithsonMartin:
The Future of DJing is here, and it’s touch
August 2011 Mississauga Urged to Embrace Innovation: Report

August 2011 Report Calls For Stronger Innovation

August 2011 Can Mississauga Become the Next Waterloo?

July 2011 Sheridan Students Weigh In at Innovator Idol III

June 2011 Innovator Idol Crowned

March 2011 Show Me the Money!! (p. 5)

Spring/Summer 2011 RIC’s ONE Network Partnership Supports Innovation at Baylis Medical (p.30)

Winter 2011 RIC Centre Joins Ontario Network of Excellence (p.1)

April 2011 Turning Research Into Dollars is Part of Growing Your Business Series (p.5)

March 2011 Innovation Eco-System (p.27)