Why Not Every Startup Can or Should be a “Lean Startup”


By: Leah Jones “Don’t be in a rush to get big, be in a rush to have a great product.” – Eric Ries Entrepreneurs often adapt startup methodologies down to the last detail without any validation of specifics to determine individual fit. The concept of the “Lean Startup” began with a book of the same [...]


Social Media and The Digitization of Manufacturing


By: Shanza Anwaar Is your business prepared for the third industrial revolution? Can you keep up with the changing landscape of manufacturing? The digitization of manufacturing is in the throes of changing how manufacturers do business in today’s high-speed, hyper-connected world. The rapid dissemination of information through online social media is bringing change to traditional [...]


3 Proven Product development strategies for any industry

Aaron Schwartz

By Aaron Schwartz I started Modify Watches with a friend, Gary Coover, after graduation. Together, we design and manufacture interchangeable faces and straps that can be mixed and matched for the ultimate personalized watch. Our products sold in Google Store and have been customized for HP, AOL and others. We will soon be launched a [...]


Customers know best, so engage them

By Ingo Koenig Guess who knows best what customers dream of, need, and value? You guessed right; customers themselves. So why not integrate them into the product development process? What is the use in first secretively developing what we think should be the newest gadget or, what is often called these days,