Starting Up Is Just the Beginning


By: Matthew Kert Going from nothing, to a full iPhone application (sold in the apple app store) in just 102 days is not normal. But for the creators of Task Ave., their journey was nothing but normal. Winning the 2010 Toronto edition of Start-up Weekend propelled them into something that three days beforehand, had no [...]


Innovator Idol II wants you

Four emerging companies in need of financing will have the opportunity to pitch their business to a panel of industry experts including investors at Innovator Idol II. The presenters will provide feedback from the panel and winner will be chosen by the audience. The winner will receive more than


Be Prepared for any old thing

By Stephen Rhodes Be Prepared. That’s the motto of the Boy Scouts. “Be prepared for what?” someone once asked Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting. “Why, for any old thing,” said Baden-Powell. The RIC Centre is part of Ontario