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What you need to know about your future!

July 12, 2018 at University of Toronto Mississauga

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A conference where the Internet of Things intersects with digital health, smart mobility, industry 4.0, and advanced materials.

By focusing on personal enablement and industrial automation, we'll learn how these growing technologies can be applied to a variety of areas. It can improve health and mobility or allow engineers on the factory floor to get vital information that could make their jobs safer and more effective.

IoMe is the second annual Driving Dreams conference and will be delivered in partnership with Arrow Electronics, RIC Centre and I-CUBE at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The event will provide attendees an opportunity to hear from industry leaders while providing a collaborative environment for networking.

This year's event features thought leaders from Microsoft Canada, SOTI and more. They will provide insight into the uses of IoT in Digital Health, Industry 4.0, mobility and the future of materials and electronics and how we can build the new Internet of Me.

The conference was attended by industry professionals, C-suite executives, government representatives, academic institutions, small businesses, technology entrepreneurs and vendors.


Digital Health

Who owns your health data?

Industry 4.0

Shop floor IoT & AI: How much, how big, and when?


How should communities be structured around smart mobility?

Materials & Machines

What is the future of advanced materials and electronics?

Internet of Me

IoMe: What does IoMe mean to me and how does it affect my life?

Problem Solving Collaborations with Government Resources


Thursday, July 12, 2018


University of Toronto Mississauga
CCIT Building (Map)
3359 Mississauga Road,
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6


8:30AM - 5:30PM


Motivating speakers from global organizations leading technology innovation

Sam Schmidt

Former IndyCar driver
Team Owner, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports

Aiden Mitchell

Arrow Electronics
Vice President, IoT Global Solutions

Greg Dashwood

Microsoft Canada
Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics

Sonny Kohli

Cloud DX
Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Francois Cordeau

National Research Council
Vice President, Engineering

Michelle Chretien

Sheridan College
Director, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies

Chadi Elkadri

Chief Innovation Officer

Peter Kallai

intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance
Chief Executive Officer

Edward Shim

Studio 1 Labs
Managing Director

Helen Kontozopoulos

University of Toronto
Co-founder & Co-director, Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab

Jayson Parker

University of Toronto Mississauga
Associate Director, Digital Health

Mark Majewski

Ontario Centres of Excellence
Business Development

Dylan Horvath

Cortex Design

Farzad Rayegani

Humber College
Dean, School of Applied Technology

Dmitri Ignakov

Taiga Robotics

Jim Toth

TE Connectivity
VP, Technology

Feisal Hurzook

Archronix Corp
Chief Technical Officer

Lynn McNeil

ChipCare Corporation
Chief Operating Officer

Grace Castillo

Self Care Catalysts
Founder & CEO

Colin Dhillon

Automotive Parts Manufacturers'​ Association
Chief Technology Officer

Nima Ashtari

X-Matik Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

Sanya Sidhu

Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation
Mobility Advisor

Niclas Sjostrand

ABB Robotics Canada
Vice President & General Manager

Wendy Cukier

Ted Rogers School of Management
Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Souheil Sabbagh

Commercial Director, Intelligent Networks and Cybersecurity

Dan Wasserman

Mammoth Health

Alejandra de Almeida

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Edgar Sotter

Systems With Intelligence
Product Manager


This event would not be made possible without the support of our sponsors and exhibitors.

ON Semiconductor

Microsoft Canada

TE Connectivity


AVX Corporation

ST Microelectronics

Silicon Labs

Innovation Factory

Analog Devices


Embedded Planet



The organizations behind Driving Dreams

  • RIC Centre

    Regional Innovation Centre

    The Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre helps technology entrepreneurs that want to fast-track their business to market. From the idea and concept stage, to the growth and expansion stage of their business, RIC Centre has supported more than 700 startup clients since 2013. RIC Centre clients have raised over $240M in capital, generated over $115M in revenue and created over 650 jobs.

  • Arrow Electronics

    Lead Sponsor

    As one of the world’s largest providers of electronic and IT products and services in the world, Arrow is uniquely positioned with the breadth of resources and depth of expertise to successfully shepherd promising entrepreneurs along their path to market. From design and prototyping support to creative financing and supply chain services, Arrow has the end-to-end technology capabilities that can help startups get innovative new products to market quickly and cost-effectively.


    University of Toronto Mississauga's Accelerator

    ICUBE is the business accelerator at the Institute for Management & Innovation, University of Toronto Mississauga. ICUBE offers students and community youth early-stage business development & commercialization services including an entrepreneurial curriculum, business advisory services, collaborative space, expert speaker sessions, and a mentorship program.

  • Drive Your

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