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RIC Centre helps
tech entrepreneurs
fast-track their business
to market

RIC Centre welcomed 213 new clients
in the last year

As the Entrepreneur and Innovation Hub for Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon,
the RIC Centre has provided a range of free support services
for 343 active clients (new + existing) in the last year!


RIC Centre Clients
By Industry

RIC Centre supports entrepreneurs from all industries. With our unique partnership at Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) through the RIC Incubator, RIC Centre is growing its expertise in the advanced materials and manufacturing segment, currently supporting 60 clients.

ICT and Digital Media
Advanced Manufacturing
Life Sciences and Healthtech

RIC Centre Clients
By Stage

RIC Centre clients progress through the five stages of a startup venture and are tracked based on milestone achievements, or sub-stages, within each stage. 60% of RIC Centre clients progress at least one sub-stage every quarter. 15% of clients that progress at least one full stage every quarter.

We pride ourselves on being able to validate that RIC Centre clients are accelerating their progress, and allocate resources for those who need it.


RIC Centre's clients are composed of tech professionals discovering the next great idea and becoming entrepreneurs. We also have young and innovative founders, under the age of 29, pursuing a career in entrepreneurship.

Did you know?
26% of RIC Centre's clients have at least one youth founder

RIC Centre and Xerox Research Centre of Canada believe that creating an ecosystem to help promising young businesses to be successful is extremely important for Canada's future prosperity

RIC Centre and Xerox Research Centre of Canada believe that creating an ecosystem to help promising young businesses to be successful is extremely important for Canada's future prosperity

RIC Centre offers a dynamic environment for serious business entrepreneurs to reach the milestones that will fast-track their journey to market

We've had the privilege of working with 13 companies
in the RIC Incubator

Meet our incubator graduates

Drinkable Air
RIC Centre Incubator
RIC Centre Incubator

RIC Centre successfully helped clients connect to capital and funding sources for investment and growth


RIC Centre successfully helped clients scale to achieve sustainable growth by hiring key employees and contributing to the economy


RIC Centre's clients are constantly contributing to Canada's overall GDP

Half of the total revenue was generated through exported goods and services


Entrepreneurial Training

Practical, hands-on entrepreneurial training workshops
designed to provide valuable experience and networking opportunities

Offering entrepreneurs tools and feedback to
develop their startup and solve problems

102 events hosted

1601 attendees


Mentorship and Advisory

Business leaders of today
helping business leaders of tomorrow

Serious entrepreneurs with real-life experience

Collectively, our advisors have

Experience working with 910 startups

Raised over $809 million

Received 129 industry awards


Professional Service Provider Office Hours

RIC Centre has forged strong partnerships with
top-tier service providers
in Peel Region committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed

One-on-one client interaction to offer strategic advice and guidance

$50,600 total value delivered to RIC Centre clients

Service Providers

Market Intelligence

In partnership with MaRS Market Intelligence
RIC Centre clients have access to premium market research resources at no cost

Relevant and timely information about consumer, industry/technology trends and market size

42 market intelligence requests completed with an average value of $27,000

Market Intelligence

Champion Series Pitch Panels

Get a reality check at the 360 Virtual Advisory Board
Access community resources through the Regional Alliance
Prepare to seek financing at the Investment Review Panel

Make industry connections and gain realistic feedback on go to market strategy and business model

60 RIC Centre clients have pitched to 3 panels

Pitch Panels

RIC Centre Incubator

Exclusive incubator program for entrepreneurs with a viable business on the verge of
launching to the next level of growth

Serious business support for serious entrepreneurs

Experience working with 5 new companies recruited for a 6 month term

Our expertise lies in helping startups get to market


RIC Centre is a member of the
Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs

Thank you to our local partners

Business Advisory Services
Brampton Entreprener Centre
City of Brampton
Caledon Community Services
Region of Peel
Sheridan College
Town of Caledon